Zion Youth Group

The Zion Youth Group was a very active part of our congregation for many years, meeting once a month or more often if needed.  At the present time we do not have any high school youth participating in our church, so the group is on hiatus.

In the past this group was very service-oriented and held several fundraisers throughout the year, for different projects.  Some of the projects have included: Crop Walk, Progressive Supper, Heifer Project, Back Pack Ministries, MCC Sale, Souper Bowl of Caring, Lasagna Sale fundraiser, Kids Against Hunger, and MCC School kits. In 2014 our Youth Group participated in a Youth Project for MDS where we went to Staten Island New York to help rebuild  houses affected by Hurricane Sandy. Read more about the MDS trip here.



ZMC Donnellson Youth Lasagna Editted

One of the youth group’s major fundraisers has been making and selling lasagnas. The youth typically spent the better part of a day preparing the lasagna filling and assembling lasagnas which have been pre-ordered by church members, family, and friends. Many of the lasagnas are delivered fresh the same day! The photo to the right was taken April 1, 2013 and shows hardworking youth pouring tomato sauce into the bottom of the assembled pans.

(Left to right: Ethan Hellweg, Kenzie Krehbiel, and Addison Loges, with Archie Hardin in the background. Also helping but not pictured: Alex Krehbiel, Hayley Edwards and leader Donna Vogel.)



Youth group

In the spring of 2013, the youth designed and painted a beautiful barn quilt which was auctioned off at the Iowa MCC Sale. The youth selected the pattern and the colors. The project was set up in a member’s garage, and the youth took turns painting and checking for dryness before moving on to the next color.

(Left to right: Alex Krehbiel, Kenzie Krehbiel, Hayley Edwards, Archie Hardin, and Traci Keller. Helping with the project but not pictured: Ethan Hellweg and Addison Loges and leader Donna Vogel.)


Souperbowl of Caring 2012


Every year on Super Bowl Sunday the youth raise funds for the Souperbowl of Caring. In recent years they have served a soup luncheon for the congregation after worship. This photo is from the 2012 meal.

(Left to right: Ethan Hellweg, Kyle Krauter, Traci Keller, Brian Krehbiel, Archie Hardin, and Kenzie Krehbiel.)


Youth Group MDS Trip to Staten Island